Brooke's Obsessions

Is it me or does Rosie Huntington-Whitley always look uber chic? Whether she’s out on the town or at glorious event she always looks stunning. She is truly becoming a style icon and a fashionable person to look to for inspiration. Here are some various looks of her from the past couple of weeks that I adore. She seems to love those tan booties and her rag & bone hat!

Lindsay Lohan Blank Magazine
My sister Brooke is a fashion major at the University of Philadelphia. She has a remarkable sense of style and always is up on the latest trends. I created this page so that I can share with you her style obsessions of the week! This week Brooke is dying about this Lindsay Lohan Blank spread. I completely agree with her. The pictures are so bazar! But somehow we both really like them!  Lindsay looks so amazing (compared to what she usually looks like) and her wardrobe choices are out of this world!  What do you guys think???