Monday, May 9, 2011

Follow The Lita

(photo: JB)
(pants:H&M,shoes:Jeffrey Campbell,top:H&M,blazer:H&M,clutch:Louis Vuitton,sunnies:Chanel)
I got these shoes over the weekend, I am still dying over them.  I love how comfy they are and how easy they are to walk in.  I wanted to pair these with a simple outfit.  The corset from H&M is one of my favorite pieces, I actually found it on accident in the dressing room!  It also looks amazing with a skirt, the detail is so girlie and feminine. This is only the begging of my Lita collection :)!
xO pcl


  1. Gorgeous outfit, gorgeous you! So far, you are the only person I've seen wearing litas that can actually pull them off, I think they can only be worn by the right person with the right style and they totally suit you and look great on you :)

  2. Thank you so much, and thanks for checking out my blog! xO

  3. the corset is really pretty.
    love everything else you've paired it with aswell. x.

  4. heyyy, thanks for the folow on twitter! I LOVE your look and your blog! :)